General Maintenance Request

SRE Maintenance hours of operation are 8am-6pm Monday – Friday.  If you submit a maintenance request after 6pm, we will get back to you next business day regarding scheduling.  For Medical, Fire or Police assistance, call 911 immediately.  If you have a maintenance emergency requiring immediate attention, please call our office (866) 854-5573 or use the Emergency Maintenance Request form.  Only the following maintenance emergencies will be handled after hours:

  1. Electrical wires that are live and exposed that pose a danger to the tenant.
  2. Continuous water intrusion of any kind that cannot be stopped by shutting of local valve.
  3. Plumbing stoppages that cause all toilets to be inoperable.
  4. Door or lock issues that prevent a unit from being properly secured.
  5. Furnace issues preventing the ability to maintain a minimum temperature of 68 degrees.
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Please Note: Upon clicking “Send” to submit your maintenance request, the progress wheel may continue to spin, however you will receive a confirmation email shortly.  If you do not receive a confirmation email within a few minutes, please email or call 866-854-5573.

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