“ Vicki and I have been very pleased and impressed with the professional , and highly responsive service SRE has provided during our first year tenancy at 742 W Buena. !
This accolade applies across the board to maintenance , repairs , security , mechanical and electrical installments, requested and approved , problem solving,  and betterments as well as keeping us informed on various tenant landlord issues. !….All this while respecting our privacy at the same time. We love our new “ home “ and hope to stay for a long time to come. We highly recommend SRE as a landlord !!! “

“We would like to express how pleased we’ve been with your company’s work so far and how unfortunate it is that SRE couldn’t have taken over managing the building earlier on in our tenancy! We appreciate all that you’ve done to improve the building, how open you’ve been with communication, and how helpful you’ve been with questions and concerns. It goes a long long way.”

“SRE has been wonderful in their customer service and especially prompt in their addressing of the few minor issues we have had. My wife and I couldn’t be happier with our choice to do business with them.”

“We are so happy with Rockwell Commons and SRE. Their desire and ability to make sure all our needs are taken care of in a prompt and efficient manner leaves little reason to not stay here for a long time.”

“SRE Holdings has a friendly and efficient staff. Any and all issues are addressed promptly. My roommate and I are very happy with our decision to move into one of their buildings.”

“I couldn’t be happier with my choice to do business with SRE Holdings. I have been very impressed with their prompt and courteous service and I have felt right at home since move in day.”

“My wife and I moved into Rockwell Commons in June 2011. At the time, there was a different management company. In Winter 2011-12 SRE holdings took over the management. We instantly saw better customer support, better communication and we far more pleased with SRE as the management company. Anytime we’ve had issues SRE is quick to respond. We had a large mouse problem. SRE put Ernesto on the problem and he always responded quickly across several requests. As a result of SRE and Ernesto, the mouse problem was solved. If my wife and I moved anywhere else, we would probably ask SRE what other properties they manage so we could continue to live in one of their buildings.”

“I have been a happy and satisfied resident with SRE for going on two years. The newly rehabbed building is attractive and comfortable for me and my furry friend, Walter. The staff responds quickly to fixer-upper needs and the occasional lock out situation. It truly is a wonderful place to live and the location of my building is tucked into a safe and friendly neighborhood.”

“SRE has been especially prompt in addressing the few minor issues we have experienced. SRE has also been very informative in the event routine maintenance was scheduled and access to our unit was required. My wife and I are very satisfied with SRE’s professionalism and attention to detail. I would recommend Rockwell Commons to my friends and family.”

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